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In April 2018, Final Prophecy Design was started as a sideline job by me, Nicole Pullen. With over 10 years of experience in the field, and the enormous growth of the business, I decided to quit my normal daytime job in February 2019, to focus my full attention on Final Prophecy Design.

My main mission as a freelance designer (trading as Final Prophecy Design), is to assist new companies, or companies that can’t yet afford professional branding with affordable yet professional Graphic and Web Design.

I specialize in design work for your various needs.

Whether you are a business owner looking for new, professional corporate branding, or a bride-to-be dreaming of beautiful personal touches, I am at your service to provide the best quality designs at affordable rates and turn your visions into reality.

I have the idea of providing online support for persons in need of Graphic Services, but do not have the time in their busy day to attend hour long meetings.

Most design companies regularly overcharge their clients by charging hourly rates where the client can never surely be certain of accuracy of time management.

Final Prophecy Graphic and Web Design therefore offers an affordable, once-off fee for Professional Graphic Design.


– To turn visions and ideas into reality.

– To make thoughts come alive.

– To strive for excellence.

– To make dreams come true.


– Accept Correction

– Take Advice

– Respect a Command

– Work Hard

– Fullfill Dreams


Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes

quickly disappears;

wealth from hard work

grows over time.